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  • Find /Analyze Deals   
  • Present/ Negotiate offers     
  • Review Scope of work  
  • Design and Layouts 
  • Project Management  
  • Contractor Referrals 
  • Market Finished Properties 
  • Work with you to grow your margins and volume . 

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 Fresh project leads analyzed based house style, neighborhood, ARV. Suggestions given for optimized rehab. 

We lay out all the numbers, start to finish in a detailed spreadsheet, so you can see the end results , adjust, make decisions quickly and accurately 

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LI Funding Corp is operated by Mickey Murphy, an investor, entrepreneur since 1985.  Formally educated in Accounting  and currently a licensed Realtor  Mortgage Originator, NYS Certified tax preparer, and short sale foreclosure specialists. Mickey works with investors to provide insight, resources , and   systems thy can use improve margins, decrease timelines and increase volume to grow their businesses . 

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L I Funding Corp

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