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What better place to look for a remodeled home than a site dedicated to helping investors find, fix and flip homes. 

Here at LI Funding we are happy to showcase the remodeled homes our investors have completed and have placed for sale. 

All our homes are listed with our president Mickey Murphy, a licensed Realtor with Island Advantage Realty  (see our partner page).  

Mickey will be happy to give you a private showing or if  don't see your dream home here yet , contact us ..maybe it's in the works or lt us hunt it down and remodel it just for you . 

Want to save some money , and build some equity by buying an REO, Short sale or handi-man and having us guide you the financing and remodeling .. we can do that too. Contact us and you'll see we are very friendly and always helpful . 


 We  source  the houses that real investor for their flip businesses .  This means we buy homes for cash  no matter the physical or financial condition (we'll do our best to work out the  fairest possible solution that can be arranged ) .  But if those numbers don't work we can market and list and help you the highest best price for your home.  


LI Funding Corp is a member to have on your team . We are always sourcing properties, money,  we'll help you lay out design , do pre purchase cost analyse, project manage, refer trades and services. We can even help you put systems in place to tracking so as to build and protect profits.   


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I am president of LI Funding Corp and a licensed real estate agent with Island Advantage Realty LLC,  one of the largest dealers of distressed properties on Long Island.  I have access to MlS, web auction sites as well knowledge of unlisted  distressed properties. If we decide to work together I will work  diligently to locate properties we can inspect and evaluate for profit possibility. I specialize in Suffolk County Long Island west of the forks .

Investors work with me get customized property availability reports . Plus, I comb personally through 100's of listings a day to and send out private communications on foreclosed Homes for sale I feel deserve extra mention . 

I  don't just send lists I  source properties for investors who buy distressed properties and want numbers, analytics,  feed back, shared  ideas  with  someone experienced in pricing, financing, title, marketing , literally all phases of a real estate transaction . 

I'm always looking to network with like minded ethical people to grow our businesses.  

Let's talk and see if we're a good fit

Check out my before and after pics for a tiny sampling of projects I found, funded, designed, sold for local house flippers .  

HUD homes for sale , Estate sales , Shortsales, REO, Handyman Specials  I search them all.